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Missed Schedule

  1. The posts we have scheduled in the last month or two are not publishing on schedule--it says "missed schedule" and I have to manually publish the posts. The posts we scheduled last year and earlier are publishing on time.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    Could you link to a few of the posts where they missed their scheduled time?


  3. Thanks for these :)

    So a follow-up question for you as I dig a bit deeper on my end: are the posts being visited? The site has to be visited to trigger the posts to appear, even though they're scheduled.

    This will help me sort it out :)

  4. I have checked the stats on the days that we have had "missed schedule" posts, and the site is being visited.

  5. Hi there,

    Sorry for the long wait on a reply - I'm looking into this still!

    Thanks for your patience. Hopefully I have something more concrete for you soon.

  6. The posts have been publishing on time this week--not sure what changed.

  7. I talked to the internal team - there is a limit of 100 posts for pre-scheduling. It's to help cut down on spammers who may want to send out hundreds and hundreds of posts and try to flood the Reader (for example).

    The team has raised your limit, since you are scheduling so far in advance.

    Thank you so much for your patience!

  8. Great! Thank you for all your help!

  9. I have one last question--is the limit raised for my account or for the library blog as a whole?

  10. It is just the blog, and since we can't consistently raise limits whenever asked (it's too much of a security issue), I will ask that you limit your scheduled posts in other scenarios to 100.

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