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    I’ve had a couple of posts miss their scheduled time over the past few weeks. The latest was this morning (9am GMT). I write my posts for this blog on Sunday and schedule them for during the week. They’re always set for publication at 9am.

    This usually works fine, but when I checked this morning’s post, it wasn’t published and when I checked it out on my dashboard, there was a Missed Schedule message in orange next to the publish button and settings. Why did this happen?

    All I needed to do was click the publish button for the post to go up, but that rather negates the Scheduling facility if I have to do this from time to time. What if I hadn’t been around to check my posting this morning e.g. if I was away on holiday. How confident can I be that Scheduling posts will work in future?

    This URL of this morning’s scheduled post is:


    The blog I need help with is communityweek.smithsnews.co.uk.


    I can’t answer your concern but my buttons or icons, whatever they are called have disappeared. My only option is to publish. The entire right side of comands looks different. The only way to preview my blog is to return to all posts. Claudia



    Hi Claudia – snap! I can’t answer your concern either. It does sound a totally different problem to mine – have you raised your own issue on the Forum for others to help you out? You’ll probably get a much quicker answer that way, than via my problem.



    I have heard of this happening from time to time with scheduled posts and as a Volunteer I’m not in a position to reassure you it won’t happen again. I’ll flag this so Staff are aware of the issue.
    refernwce link > http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/schedule-a-post/



    I see that Saff are assisting you. Best wishes.

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