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    I often make use of the schedule function and don’t come across this often, but it’s happened a few times sporadically with no apparent reason where a scheduled post won’t have posted, and when I go in to check, it says “Missed schedule” and “3 min ago” (or whatever corresponding time)

    Just wondering what makes a post miss a scheduled time?

    The blog I need help with is justalillost.com.



    I’m sorry this happened to you. I have heard of this happening from time to time with scheduled posts and as a Volunteer I’m not in a position to reassure you it won’t happen again. I’ll flag this so Staff are aware of the issue.
    reference link > http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/schedule-a-post/



    That happens to me too, but I don’t get the ‘missed schedule’. When I schedule at 1pm for example and check back at 2pm, it hasn’t been posted and it still says ‘scheduled’…

    I actually contacted wordpress about this, but they told me they didn’t understand my problem



    Scheduled posts are currently only triggered to publish when the first person visits the blog after the scheduled time.

    For now, think of it as “schedule after this time.” https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/scheduled-posts-dont-post?replies=6#post-659030



    If your post is still listed as Missed Schedule (not published), would you please tell me what the title of the post is?



    If your post is still listed as Missed Schedule (not published), would you please tell me what the title of the post is?

    Thanks! It’s actually posted now.. I manually changed the “schedule” date to the current time at that moment.. Otherwise, it would have been this one –> http://wp.me/pAblM-Uz

    Scheduled posts are currently only triggered to publish when the first person visits the blog after the scheduled time.

    It’s bizarre though because I did “access” the blog (albeit via iPad) and had noticed it wasn’t published yet.. I guess it’s whenever it’s visited on an actual browser.

    Thanks all!



    This has happened to me three days in a row.

    I have tried logging on to the site to see if “Scheduled posts are currently only triggered to publish when the first person visits the blog after the scheduled time.”

    But that didn’t work.

    Each day the time comes/goes and my post remain unpublished. When i manually change them, they go up. but, this defeats the purpose of settign up the schedule.

    This has been very frustrating, and i hope someone has a solution soon.

    thanks for your time,



    For me, this happened too. 3 posts in a row. Not sure how to get them rescheduled. For details, see my post here:



    Do you have any sticky posts? That has caused problems in the past.

    Have you reported it to staff via your dashboard Help button?



    What are sticky posts? (I probably don’t have them, but if anyone can tell how to find them, I can verify for sure I don’t have them).
    I did post to the happiness engineers.



    If you reported it to staff, then they’re looking at it. Sticky posts are posts you’ve set to always stay at the top of your blog. Sometimes they can interfere.



    The sadness engineer explained that they recently limited the number of scheduled posts to about 100.

    Since I’m over 100, that causes the problem.

    The only way to work around this is to put everything into drafts, then start scheduling close to publication.

    Which is defies the whole concept of scheduling.

    Besides, I’m not the only one scheduling months ahead (heck, “The Old New Thing” schedules about a year ahead).

    #fail WordPress for both introducing this artificial limitation, and not announcing it.



    Is that 100 post limit for scheduled posts per blog, per day, or what? Where can we find that expressed in writing please? I can’ find it here > http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/schedule-a-post/



    Weird.. i often only have 1.. 3 or 4 MAX that I’ve scheduled and it still sporadically misses it.

    The explanation above that says it’s “posted” once the first person accesses the website doesn’t make sense to me. What if someone doesn’t visit the blog for a while.. that post is never posted? Sometimes I have certain posts scheduled for specific times.. it can’t be relied upon on whether someone will load the page to then activate the scheduled post.




    Wow, that’s interesting. You’d think they’d put in an automatic warning when you made more than 100 scheduled posts.



    My last two posts, both scheduled for 6:30 a.m., this morning (Friday 6/8) and last Friday (6/1), failed to post–and were marked “missed schedule.”

    I’ve been posting for almost a year now, and scheduling posts for at least the last 3 – 6 months. These past two weeks are the first misfires. Eventually I figured out how to reschedule for a few minutes from the time when I first discovered the problem. After rescheduling, I had a cup of coffee and waited. Each time the reschedule was successful. But it defeats the schedule function.

    Any cause/solution in sight?




    I have been experiencing this issue a lot. Today, it missed schedule 5 times.
    Also, when I try to EDIT the schedule now, it is not allowing me to do so.
    This is so frustrating.



    I’ve given up on scheduling.

    It’s a buggy function. It’s easier just to wait to publish a post immediately than to schedule it and then worry about whether it went out, and then, if it hasn’t, to attempt to reschedule it for a few minutes in the future.


    Wow what a joke.
    Problem exists from April – July and no fix
    A buggy feature is no feature at all

    Scheduling is a must in my mind
    A daily readership expect content at a consistent time. Why should the author/publisher be expected to sit on the posts page waiting to hit an instant publish

    WordPress engineers, time to lift a finger….

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