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missing ability to select categories and tags for posts

  1. Athough I am an admin, I am unable to see categories and tags when I'm creating a new post or going back to edit one that's already published. This is the case for both ignore the squirrels at and sunbeltcanada.wordpress.
    I look after another wp blog, and when I log in under my client's profile, I see everything as I should. Logging in as my client, I sent myself an invite to join "his" blog as an admin, however, when I tried to accept, I got an error message that "you can't use an activation key you created for someone else". I wanted to find out if I'd be able to see the categories on that blog if I went in as "me".
    I also need to go back and change how some of my old posts are tagged as categories as I am modifying my site and its content.
    I finally have a new post to publish and am anxious to get the categories problem resolved. Really need help! Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't get it... I got on someone else's computer and managed to send an invite that I was able to accept back on my own computer. Now that I have admin rights to my client's blog, I see the same problem there when I log in as me--no categories. Yet when I log out and go back in as my client, they are there. ???????

  3. Staff have made some changes. Perhaps you are caught up in them. Please see here > Note that this thread is flagged for Staff attention.

  4. Not all levels of user have access to tags and categories. Your client is an Admin, presumably you are not?

  5. No , I am an admin, which is the aggravating part.
    The "freeze" is somehow connected to my profile.
    I managed last night to send my client's profile an invite for an admin of my blog, then accepted on their behalf. Going in under their profile on my own blog, I could see and modify the categories and tags on each post.
    Yet I still have no access to my own blog under my own profile. VERY frustrating.

  6. Thanks for explanation. I do think you have been caught up in this change. This thread is flagged for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting for a response.

  7. What is the URL of the blog you're referring to?

  8. This is happening with my blog at and the site I use for full texts of a newsletter I wrote at The problem also extends to, (a blog I administer for a small business) when I access it under my own profile.

  9. I don't see anything that would be blocking you on the first two. Would you please try clearing your cookies and cache? is definitely not a blog, so we can't provide support for that.

  10. As requested, I've cleared my cache and cookies. The clearing of both made no difference. Still no showing of categories and tags. I didn't think it would help because I have now checked out my access via my profile on three separate computers, and end up with the same result on all three.
    Also, I should have indicated in the previous message that the was actually
    So I have the same problem on any wp site that I log on to via my profile.

  11. Is it possible that one of the blogs with which you're associated (possibly not mentioned here) has been suspended? Check ALL blogs associated with your user account. They've changed the way suspensions work lately and this might be a side effect. Also keep in mind some suspensions are just mistakes.

  12. I can't find any evidence of anything ever being suspended. I checked everything associated with my profile. The only other items I have on wp are two test sites that are still live, as I just tried posting on them to be sure.
    This is such a mystery.
    I appreciate the suggestions

  13. Alright, let's focus on

    I just reset your user role.

    Would you please clear your cookies and cache and try selecting categories and tags on that blog?

  14. No difference. I deleted cookies and cache on two separate computers and tried each in turn with the sbtrealdeal blog.
    Still no categories and tags showing while accessing as runtzka.
    Checked it out under client's profile and can still see categories and tags as such. However, his photo is now gone.

  15. Ah, now I know what it is. It's really much simpler than we've been thinking. You've just hidden the modules.

    When editing or writing a post, click the "Screen Options" tab near the top right and check "Tags" and "Categories."

    You should only have to do this once.

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