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missing account

  1. Recently, after getting active elsewhere on the internet, I created a username that I could use on every site, and so wanted to make a new wordpress account under that name, having lost interest in my old account and blog some time ago, however, I tend to forget about or lose interest in the site for months at a time, and it seems if I had made such an account last year, that I have forgotten my password for it. Every combination I try doesn't work, so here is the problem:
    When I try to reset my password, it doesn't recognise my username, saying that no such account exists. Oh, well maybe I never did get around to creating one here after all, so I go to register a new account under that name, and it says I cannot, because it is already in use. What is going on here, and how can I find or reset my password?

  2. if you do not have the log-in information you can visit and if required click "guide to resetting your password."

  3. that's exactly what I did, it says there is no such account

  4. Please post the link starting with http://

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