Missing "Add Location" Button in Firefox on the Classic Editor

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    I’m not using any script-blocking add-ons that I’m aware of. I do use Ghostery and Privacy Badger that block some cookies, although I can override any that are necessary for whatever website I’m using at the time.

    I do use 2 user scripts but I disabled them as a “test” and the Add Location button is still missing.

    What is a “new layout”? Do you mean the “new, not-improved, too-blue-to-use” editor that is less functional? Like I said at the beginning of this thread, I only use the classic editor. Just as a “test” I opened a previous post with the less functional editor, and the Add Location thing (not really a button) was there under More Options.

    The other buttons Add Media, Add a Poll, Add a Contact Form are all showing up and working if clicked on.




    I don’t intend to upgrade to Win 10. I prefer Win 7 for many reasons.

    In case you are nervous about upgrading as opposed to clinging to an outdated version due to whatever;) I thought that way until I actually upgraded. I dreaded upgrading as I thought it would lead to many issues. Well, it didn’t result in a single issue other than me learning how to use it, so now I do not hold that opinion. There’s nothing in Windows 7 that’s better than Windows 10 that I have uncovered, and my hubby hasn’t found any either. We upgraded 3 PC’s to Windows 10.

    Please do that because it’s clear from your history that upgrading and using the classic editor will probably resolve almost every issue you have posted on.


    dandelionsalad, unfortunately it’s hard to determine the source of this issue without looking into your computer… Since we weren’t able to replicate the issue, I suggest you use Chrome or the new editor when you need to use the Add Location feature.


    Thanks for taking your time with this issue.

    I don’t use the Add Location feature and will never use it. So no worries.


    You’re welcome dandelionsalad! Let us know if you need any help! :)

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