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Missing all of my blog contents!!!

  1. I lost the contents of my entire blog site -- More Elder Energy ( I had a complete Home Page, a complete biography on the About Page, one posted blog, and one saved (but not posted) blog entry.

    Please help.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. First of all, are you the only Admin on your site? If so, please check to see if your pages and posts are in the Trash folder and can be recovered from there.

    The Google cached version of your About page from Feb 1 is using the Academia theme while the site linked above is using the Twenty Fourteen theme. Have you changed themes?

    There is a known bug on at the moment involving duplicating blogs, so I have tagged this for Staff input as well.

  3. Justjennifer,

    Hi! Thanks for your reply. This morning I find that my entire site is back again!!! I'm eager to find out what was done to have it reappear.

    To answer your questions, I'm the only Admin on my site.

    Where do I go to look in the Trash folder to recover deleted pages? I can't find Trash on the Dashboard menu.

    I have not changed themes -- I have used the Academia theme the whole time.

    Speaking of duplicating blogs, I have two blogs, More Elder Energy and moreelderenergy, pointing to the same web site ( How do I delete the second blog without affecting the first?

    Thank you very much for your help.


  4. If your site is back with all it's content, then there's no need to look in the trash folders. Just for the record, the link to trash appears on each of the Post and Page Dashboards. (More here: )

    The oddness with the theme is what made me suspicious about duplicating blogs. When I looked at your site when I first replied, it was wearing Twenty Fourteen.

    Let's wait until Staff has had a chance to look into this. Since they normally reply on an "age" basis, i.e. older timestamps first, don't reply to this thread unless you have new information to give them.

  5. My site disappeared again. I was Posting my saved blog entry when it disappeared. I think the problem has to do with that other empty moreelderenergy that needs to be deleted.

    Thanks again for your help.

  6. We have had an issue with our system creating duplicate blogs for some of our users. I have deleted the duplicate and everything should be working as normal again for you.

    Please be sure to clear your browser cache so that you see the proper version of your site:

  7. Jackiedana,

    Hi! Thanks for your help. Everything looks good.


  8. You're welcome!

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