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    I created an account on wordpress.com so that I could get an api key for the Akismet plugin. The problem is, when I log into my wordpress.com account, and go to the My Account page, all I see is:
    Your WordPress.com API key is: . Don’t share your API key, it’s like a password.

    That’s it. No key. Is there typically a delay between signing up and getting a key, or is my account just broken? If there is a typical delay, how long does it usually take?



    Couple of past posts indicate that there can be a day or so delay – or there could at that time, which was a couple of months back I think.

    Try the feedback button from your wordpress.com blog’s admin section.



    Thanks. I’ll try the feedback button.



    If your api key is missing from your email, then check your profile. You’ll have to login and click on “Profile”. It’ll be sitting there just below the main heading.

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