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Missing Author Byline in Coraline theme

  1. In January, in thread "Coraline - Begging For A Change", lance said

    "The author display isn't an option... yet. I say 'yet' because we're working on including it soon based on whether a site has more than one published authors. Those that don't, won't see it; those that do, will see the author and link to view all the author's posts. ... I cannot promise it will be this week or next, but likely in the near future. "

    I too am missing this in Coraline. It seems pointless to use a theme for a blog with multiple published authors which doesn't include an author byline in all posts and the main blog itself. The thread "Coraline - Begging For A Change" is marked "resolved" but this issue hasn't been resolved at all. I hope lance's comments mean that this is being considered for all themes, not just Coraline. It is certainly a basic feature for multi-author blogs.

    A far as I have been able to tell, even buying the CSS upgrade won't help me because the suggested code only includes the author's byline on single posts, not the main, multiple post blog itself.

    I have started looking at other themes to see if I can find a different one that will work for me but this "feature" isn't included in the filters. I have found one list that seems to help a little.

    The big problem is that almost everything else about the Coraline theme fits the way I want to do things, multi-author, flexible width, custom menu, custom pages, Coraline gallery, clean, uncluttered look (once I delete the header graphic) and web pages.

    Why is the ability to include/exclude an author's byline not a part of every theme that supports multiple authors? At the very least include this in the theme description and the filters. Please!!!

  2. As I explained in that thread, Coraline initially did display the author byline, and they removed it because Pressrow users (who were forced to adopt Coraline) didn't like it:
    So you'll probably wait in vain for this to change again in Coraline.

    List of themes that display the author byline:

    By the way, all themes support multiple authors, all themes with header navigation support custom header menus, and Coraline is not a flexible-width theme.

  3. Thank you for your comment. I know why it was removed. I just don't lthink that was the best way to handle the problem.

    A better solution, in my opinion, would have been to make the byline selectable (defaulted to no if need be to keep the former Cutline people happy. Goodness knows they weren't particularly well treated, it seems.), at least when multiple authors are detected, as lance suggested might happen.

    I am looking at theme Twenty Ten now and it seems to do most of what I want, except that it is fixed-width [really, in this day and age :-( ] but I can live with that better than without authors' bylines.

    Yes, the list you mentioned was helpful. It would still be nice to have the byline selectable (on/off) on all the themes and/or included in the filters.

    I double checked both Coraline's description and its behavior and Coraline is a flexible-width theme (unless I am using that term differently - I mean that it does word wrap properly as the browser window size changes.).

    I can move ahead with Twenty Ten so I am happy enough to do so although I wouldn't mind hearing what lance has to say, at some point.


  4. First let me correct myself: I meant Cutline, as you said, not Pressrow. (Confused the two victims of the same affair...)

    Agree, those users were treated badly, and agree, the byline could or should be optional. My list shows that a few themes do have that as an option, so it's not something that can't be done.

    Flexible width means that the main column will stretch if you make the browser window wider (for an example check Rubric). I'm not seeing that in Coraline: I'm only seeing flexible-width behavior if you make it too narrow.

  5. It's the flexible width behavior when narrowing the browser window that is most useful to me. A long line length makes reading too difficult so I am not terribly interested in longer line lengths just because I am browsing on a wider monitor.

    Shrinking the line to fit a
    narrower browser window
    is veerrry useful for viewing
    on a smaller device,
    say a laptop, netbook, ipad,
    ipod or even a phone.
    There will be page elements
    that don't scale down for these
    environments, of course,
    but at least one has a
    fighting chance of reading
    the text portion when only
    having to scroll vertically
    and not also horizontally.

    Alas, I haven't yet found Coraline's mobile browser option on the Twenty Ten theme.
    I really do wish theme filters or at least tags were more complete.

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