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missing blog page

  1. A part of my blog KOENINGER & PARTNER SALES MANAGEMENT seems to be deleted - the page called SEMINARS - it disappered since my last activities. I didn't delete it itentionally, so i don't know what happened. Is it possible that there was a change in your outfit since my last activities? Is it possible that you restore the missing page?

    Besides this I would like to have a possibility to put this question immediatly to the technical staff of WORDPRESS and not to disturb the community with this individual topic. If there is a direct line to you - technical staff - sorry, I didn't find it....

    Thanks for your help
    Blog url:

  2. Unless you have a paid upgrade, filling out the form on the Contact Support page posts your question in these peer-to-peer forums.

    Have you looked in your Trash folder on the Pages Dashboard? If it is there, then you can simply restore it.

  3. Where is this trash folder - it seems, that the disapperance goes along eith the new design/handling of WP dashboard management.

    I am also aware now, that other blogs of me simply disappeared completly !!! I am really pissed now. I will change the provider...

  4. The trash folder is in the Page Dashboard at the top of the page' you will see a link to "Trash" at the top next to "all", "published", drafts", etc.

    As far as missing blogs, we can't help you if you don't provide us with the information, such as the URL of those sites. Is it possible you aren't logged in with the Admin user for those sites?

  5. I've found it, it's restored. Thanks for your help - the link was very good !!

    <HELP is healthy - it regulates blood pressure>

  6. Good to hear!

  7. + 1, glad you got that resolved.

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