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Missing Blue Bar

  1. Once again, as happened to some (including me) last night,the blue bar at the top of the blog page is missing. Anyone else experiencing this?

  2. Nope, mine's there ok. I used it not one minute ago to navigate through my dashboard (in another tab).

    Have you tried clearing your cache and logging back in?

  3. Mine vanished for a minute but I typed in the "/wp-admin" on to the end of the URL and it took me to the Dashboard and from there everything has been fine.

  4. They might have been updating it. I see it fine currently. :)

  5. Mine is still missing from yesterday. When I come to it appears and I can get to my dashboard, but the blue bar is missing from my blog and any others I visit. ?

  6. As stated above, please try clearing your browser cache and doing a forced reload of the page that you're looking at. You may want to do this at the main site as well at

    It's a javascript. It stays in your cache. It doesn't reload each time you click on a page.

  7. No, I've cleared all the caches and done the forced reload thing... doesn't help. Actually, now I've got a message from support that there's a fault in the domain mapping code that needs to be fixed.

  8. My blue bar is gone too! It was there 20 minutes ago now -- nothing! I'm still logged in, though.

  9. Hi fencer,

    I've tried everything also, to no avail...still no blue bar. Does the message from support mean that it's something that they will fix or are fixing??

  10. Hopefully fixing. I dont really have access to the innerworks of staff.

  11. Hi disembedded,

    Support apologized for the problem and indicated they were working on it...

  12. Hi fencer and Dr. Mike,

    Thanks for your comments. The AWOL blue bar has returned, so it looks like everything is back to normal on my blog.

  13. My blue bar is back, too.

    (Thanks for the info, Mark!)

  14. Are we supposed to have a Blue Bar while here in forum? If yes, I don't.

    I do have the Blue Bar when I'm on my blog, though -- but not when I'm here.

  15. Yes, we are. Strange. Try just typing in your blog URL and adding "/wp-admin" and hit that. I have found that sometimes when you do that not only do you get back to the dashboard but the problem does not recurr.

  16. I see it in the forums here but I'm using Netscape 7.2 this morning.

    The only place it shouldn't be is the Dashboard side of your blog.

  17. No blue bar here. Only a White Empty Space. Truly strange. Blue Bar works great on my blog and other delights. Nothing I can think to try to do to fix it does anything.

  18. Only thing I can think of is doing the cache clearing if you haven't this morning. if they changed something during the night, you may be clashing with the new code.

    Good luck,

  19. Thanks, drmike. I've tried all that. It's taking me 38 seconds to login so there's something going on in the depths, I guess. All my other logins and page loads are speedy. I hope it shakes out over the weekend.

  20. i have cleared my cache... even tried logging from a private web cafe (different ISP) but nothing seem to work

  21. Send a feedback or email to staff on Monday when they open. If nothing is working, it could be something else. I experience the same problem here in the forums and keep forgetting to contact them myself.


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