Missing blue Nav Bar … let’s solve this!

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    This is obviously a major problem for WordPress because it has been reported by many people over the past many months. Surely it’s about time we put our heads together and solved it once and for all – then put the answer in a sticky or something.

    I’m an administrator. In Firefox 2, for the past week, I have not been able to see the blue Nav Bar at the top of my site – nor can I see the blue WordPress graphic at the top of the WordPress.com front page. Couple of days ago I installed the CookieCuller add-on in FF2 and have good control of my cookies. But I still have the feeling – maybe erroneous – that cookies are behind the missing Nav Bar problem. Naturally, I have searched the forum for an earlier solution. But there is none, nothing that works consistently – which was how I realised how persistent the problem has been and remains.

    When I run Internet Explorer 6.0 both the blue Nav Bar and the (blue) WordPress front-page graphic are visible.

    Pt. 1.
    Is this problem exclusive to Firefox? Anybody?

    Pt. 2
    Has anyone pursued the solution, found it – and not yet fed it back to the forum? (C’mon, man … we’re starving for this morsel of information)

    Pt. 3
    Are there any determined volunteers out there – with the problem – who would be willing to search through their Firefox settings and experiment to find something useful? Input from Firefox experts who don’t have the Nav Bar problem would also be useful.

    We’re all reasonably intelligent people. Can’t we solve this one?
    I really don’t want to have to switch from FF back to IE … :-(




    I see the blue bar in IE6, IE7, Firefox (Win/Mac), Safari, Camino, Opera (Win/Mac).

    Clear cookies
    Clear cache
    Login at http://wordpress.com
    Press ctrl+f5 (Windows) apple+r (Mac) f5 (linux)

    IE6 has problems for some. Other browsers should be okay. I agree about cookies but the cache can also come into play hence the above about clearing.



    For some time now I’ve been able to see the blu nav bar everywhere except on this forum; here all I get is a white space where it should be. I’m using Flock on a Mac, but when I switch to Safari, the blue nav bar is visible.




    Didn’t work, I’m afraid.

    There’s a solution lurking about there somewhere …



    I have always seen the nav bar on wordpress.com blogs and the homepage, but it never seemed to show up in the forums here (with Firefox and Safari). I recently updated my Mac to Leopard on a reinstall and the nav bar shows up in everything now with the same versions. It is a problem somewhere in the settings of the browsers, but I am not so sure it is a simple deal as cookies.

    I am not sure if there is an addon that is common to people here that is causing the problems, java virtual machine, flash, etc. that is causing this, but it has happened to me a couple of times. I am lucky enough that it hasn’t happened to me again lately, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it did as I am often changing things.

    Might I suggest completely removing Firefox from the computer in question (registry entries, profile folders, etc.) and reinstall it again. I never got into that, but the new OS install did that for me anyways.





    Before actually reading your comment, I had just carried out a reinstall … uninstalled the old Firefox (or so I thought) and reinstalled a fresh copy. But on re-entering Firefox I find that everything has been remembered: option settings, Add-ons, Bookmarks (but thank goodness … I had forgotten I would be losing those, if the reinstall had worked), browsing history, etc. I thought the uninstall (which I did via Windows Add or Remove Programs) would remove everything associated with Firefox. Nix.

    So I’m really back where I started.

    I’m not up to removing registry entries.
    By Profile Folders, do you mean those under Docs & Settings, Myname, Application Data, Mozilla, Firefox, Profiles ? How much of that is it safe to delete during a reinstall (I see my Bookmarks are stored in there as html files.

    So the current question – still aiming at accommodating WordPress.com – is how to make a clean, sharp, clear-cut reinstall of FF?



    Positive update: I seem to have (notice the caution!) solved my particular version of this problem.

    Here’s how:
    My version of Firefox incorporates the Adblock Add-on. Half an hour ago I disabled Adblock (Tools > Adblock > Preferences > unticked Enable Adblock) and refreshed the page. Up came both the blue Nav Bar and the blue bar on WordPress’s front page.

    To confirm that this was the secret factor, I reversed the process: Enabled Adblock, refreshed the page – and the two blues disappeared again. Eureka!

    Feedback from others who can confirm/test this finding would be helpful.




    I have the same problem – logged in, but no nav bar. What’s really strange is that I can log into my account on other computers in my house, and the problem remains, no matter what browser I’m using. The webpage is http://bonaire.wordpress.com/, but it’s redirected to http://thenagainimightbewrong.com/.

    I have a second account that I never use, and on that page the nav bar is visible. I’ve sent mail to support, but apart from suggesting I’ll clear the cache and flush the cookies (which I have), they say they can’t help me.

    I’ve also noticed that every time I go to my page, it will be counted as a visit in the statistics – so I suspect in my case, the link between wordpress and the other domain is… broken?!

    Any suggestions?!!

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