Missing buttons on my dashboard?

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    Hi, I’ve been creating blog posts with no problems for a few years on wordpress (although my new blog is only the last few months) and I prefer using the admin pannel that’s mywebsitename .wordpress. com/wp-admin

    The last couple of weeks or so I noticed that the ‘trash’ box has disappeared in the posts section. I can select drafts, all posts, published and scheduled, but there used to be a trash section and now it’s gone! :( :( Where is it? I sometimes make a mistake of deleting a post I want to later bring back which I could do when ‘trash’ was there but now it’s gone.

    Also the Spellchecker’s disappeared too :( I’m generally good at spelling but I do sometimes make silly mistakes and rely on the spellchecker to fix them, especially as my web browser doesn’t catch spelling errors like windows IE used to. Why did the spellchecker disappear? Surely anyone even mildly dyslexic might benefit from the feature as well as everyone else.

    Why is wordpress getting rid of these functions? Is there a way to get them back?

    The blog I need help with is thestrawberrypost.wordpress.com.


    Erm…does nobody know what happened? Please….I really need both features back. I would have un-trashed a couple of documents if I’d known they would be lost forever….

    At the very lease please let us KNOW about some new feature (or ommission of a neature) BEFORE it happens.


    If you create a post and then trash it you will see the trash box reappear. The trash is emptied after 30 days so if you think you may want a half-completed post later it’s best to save it as a draft. Trashed items don’t stay recoverable forever.
    The spellchecker has indeed been removed. There is currently a debate as to if it might be restored in the future. Most browsers contain a spellchecker anyway though.

    At the very least please let us KNOW about some new feature (or ommission of a feature) BEFORE it happens.

    WordPress.com has never worked like that in the ten years I’ve had a site.


    This is such a shame. I have a firefox browser and it doesn’t have spellchecker – at least I don’t know how to activate it if it does have it?



    Hi folks,

    Regarding the missing proofread/spellcheck feature, see the topic Spellcheck feature. Staff is aware of the issue and several of them have posted information and responses to questions there.

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