Missing Categories (07 April 06)

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    Hi ya. =^.^=

    As of today/tonight I’m missing some Categories. Example: I have “Anime” as a Categories and it’s gone from my blog Categories list, but not only that, if I click on “Anime” in one of my posts, it takes me … nowhere.

    -> http://catgirls.wordpress.com/

    Anyone else missing Categories off their site, or am I the only lucky winner?




    The same thing happened to me. How come my links are “bookmarks” now? And I am also missing a category meaning I will have to recreate it and put all the bookmarks/links back into it.





    Bookmarks are the new feature in the new WP version.



    I’m having trouble adding new Categories. I can work through all the stages but when I actually click on ADD, nothing happens and the new categories don’t appear.

    A little box appears with a link stating “Jump to new item” but clicking on it has no effect.


    same thing here brikwall!!



    I’ve managed to solve the problem adding categories…for now, at least. Whatever they have been doing to the software/servers now means some of the code is no longer compatible with Opera (using ver. 8.54). I know the problem is with WordPress, not Opera, since everything worked before they started making their “improvements.”

    Anyway, I can get functionality back by using Firefox for some of my housekeeping duties. This pisses me off a little as I hate having to switch browsers (one of these days everyone will design standards-compliant websites) but at least I’m not forced into using IE…


    So where does a newcomer like me who started blogging 72 hours ago with little technical knowledge go. I have created categories but they do not appear! When I create posts how do I specify which category they belong to.


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