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Missing comments in "recent comments" widget...

  1. Not working for me unless logged in, on my site

  2. I am having this problem at my Cheers site on wordpress.

  3. Still having problems: comments do not appear unless I'm logged in.

  4. We hear you! We're investigating and will post an update here soon.

  5. Thanks for your reports, everyone! We resolved the issue with comments not appearing if you are logged out. Please post here if you are having any other issues with the recent comments widget.

    If you are having trouble with an unrelated issue, please start a new forum thread with your question. Thanks!

  6. chungchengschool

    Thanks for quick fix. However, the comments that posted for protected page still not showing up. I can only see comments for page that has not password protected.

  7. Thank you for resolving it!

  8. afraid the problem continues on my blog. I see only : "There are no public comments available to display."

  9. The problem continues in my blog when I´m not loged.

    "There are no public comments available to display."

  10. chungchengschool


    I don't know if this info will help or not. This problem reminds me a similar issue that happened a year ago. Somehow it relates to the theme. Comment widget is working for vindicatemj, but not for radtrad and meetntalk. And partial working for mine - INove theme.

    MACMANX was the last engineer who fixed that problem. You might want to check with him.

  11. On one blog I follow the recent comments do show up. On another blog they do not. In the second blog the posts are password protected. As far as I can tell that is the only difference.

  12. Thanks for letting us know about those issues. :)

    It looks like blogs that discourage search engines (the Site Visibility setting under Settings > Readings in your dashboard) are still having trouble with the widget for logged-out users. Our team is looking into that now.

    However, the widget will no longer display comments on password-protected posts. This is to protect the content you choose to password-protect, so that users without access to those posts can't see those comments.

  13. I am still havin problems.......,

    1. The widget keeps getting reset, inasmuch as I am asking for 15 comments, but sometimes it starts again with only 1 or 2, then increasing as more comments are made.

    2. Comments made on attachment pages are still not showing. There were up until 2 days ago.

    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

  14. Hmmmmmm.
    It seems as if you keep resetting the "total comments made" counter to zero ( as far as the widget is concerned). When the counter is 0, then we see "there are no available comments to display". This has just happened on my blog (despite there being 131,000 comments). If I then make a new comment, I see that 1 comment in the widget (but only 1).

    You also fail to include comments on attachment pages (as stated earlier).

  15. chungchengschool


    I have problem with that for no longer display comments on password-protected posts, and I believe other will have the same objection. Why change something that has been working for years? It is not adding any value to it, other than take it away.

    The reason for me to have password-protected pages, so my visitors can have a peace of mind that they can post something that personal and privacy related like phone number and address to the group, and those info will not get pick up by web robot or others with bad intention. By taking away this feature on widget, my visitors will never know that someone has post something unless they are in the page.

    Please have that feature back!

  16. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" (x2)

  17. I agree! We want it back the way it was. There have been complaints on the protected blog that lost functionality that all the users were used to relying on!

  18. As I can verify the comments are definitely back since 18/ 10 / 2013 around 7:00 pm local time in many popular WP blogs . Thanks to the staff

  19. It seems long forgotten Greece does not apply to WP staff . Thanks again :)

  20. Recent Comments Not working at OURWCRBLOG.

  21. I just put up a query because the comments on my last two posts are closed, and I did not close them. A related problem, perhaps?

  22. @knashermac2009 - Can you please provide a link to the blog where you're having trouble with the widget? I'd be happy to take a closer look at it. The issue with attachment pages, however, is different from this widget issue. You're welcome to start a new forum thread about this issue, if you'd like.

    @wcrwoodward - The blog you mentioned is set to discourage search engines, which is why the comments are not appearing for logged-out users. I am checking with our team for an update on that issue.

    @windwhistle - This thread is specifically about the Recent Comments widget. If you're having trouble with the comments on your blog posts themselves, please start a new forum thread so we can track your support request. Thanks!

  23. comments on my recent post on are not showing. Please help me fix this. thanks in advance.

  24. Sorry, but I don't understand why the issue with Attachment pages is different to the "widget" issue. Comments in attachment pages worked perfectly up until a few days ago when you broke the widget. To say they are not connected is taking coincidence too far IMO.

  25. Help please! Still not getting comments through yet people have been commenting on the post at

  26. hi there, i use Wp in education,

    my students log in, and they can see the comments,

    when i am logged in, and go to their blogs, I can not see the comments

    I can confirm the "discourage search engine" box is ticked

  27. Hi, still me from
    Still not receiving comments directed to my post and I've just received a text from a friend saying that when she clicked on my post, it said 'page not found' :(
    Is anyone else having the same problem? What could I be doing wrong?
    This is all very discouraging. I would be grateful for any advice please.

  28. @ifezua - Can you please start a new forum thread so we can help you with this issue? Thanks!

    @danhodge - We're aware of that issue and are working on a fix for it. Please stay tuned!

  29. ok. thanks.

  30. Seems sorted now. Thanks.

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