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    One of my subscribers told me that she’s left comments on my blog this week, and I have not received any notification of them, nor are they in the Spam folder or on the blog itself. Please advise.

    The blog I need help with is 2owlscalling.wordpress.com.


    I just left a test comment on your latest post and it says it is awaiting moderation.

    All I can suggest is that you ask them to try again and see what happens. Perhaps it was a temporary glitch or something.



    yes, yours worked; but this reader suggested that she left more than one on different occasions this week



    you left one on a different blog, i just noticed; here’s the blog in question;

    i had chosen that when i submitted the question



    I also had 3 readers comment on a post yesterday which came to my e-mail and were approved but never showed up on my blog. This is a new problem for me.


    @kelly, we volunteers can’t see what blog you selected when you created the posting here.

    I just left two comments on 2owlscalling. One while logged into wordpress and one while logged out. Both say they are awaiting moderation.


    @jillsbooks, did you approve them through the email that you received, or did you go to the comments section on your blog?



    yes, both of those comments came through; as have some others in the past few days; so i’m not sure what to tell this reader;


    Ask them to make another comment and see if it comes through. It could have been a bug or a server issue at wordpress, or even a problem somehow on their end. It is really hard to tell.

    Have them make another comment and let us know what happens.



    I approved the first one through my e-mail, which is what I usually do, and the other two I did through the comments section, which I haven’t done before…Did I mess something up?

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