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    I have a problem with my TwentyEleven theme, wherein the white content background (where the body text should be) is missing. It only happens on archive pages; categories, tags, monthly archives.

    A live example is seen here: http://metaphorsetc.wordpress.com/category/reviews/books/

    The strange thing is that I have not touched the theme design aside from adding a header and changing the color of links. I do not even have the Custom Design upgrade.

    I have tried:
    a) uninstalling and reinstalling the theme
    b) viewing it logged out
    c) clearing my cookies and cache
    d) viewing it on another browser (Safari, while my usual is Chrome),
    but the problem persists anyway.

    I could not find any similar thread with this issue.

    Does anyone know what the problem might be and how I could fix it? (If it is something for me to fix)

    The blog I need help with is metaphorsetc.wordpress.com.



    The problem is a stray HTML tag in your second text widget. Open the widget and save after removing this:

    See here for more:



    Wow. No wonder that slipped my eye. Thank you.

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