Missing fields in the email result of ‘easy contact’ form

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    Hello all,

    I am trying to add a form to my website, and the form system I am using (‘Easy Contact’) seems to be perfect, apart from the fact that when I try to send a form, all that I get in the resulting email are three of the fields. I have looked through the .php, and can’t see why some aspects should be available and not others (I’m not brill at php, mind).

    Could someone at least confirm that ‘easy contact’ is supposed to send all the filled in fields of the form to the email address?

    Thanks in advance,


    Site: http://www.sponsorus.org.uk (The submit an event page)
    WP: 2.8



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

    This support forum is for WordPress.com hosted blogs only. If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog you need to seek help at the WordPress.org forums, not here.

    If you don’t understand the difference, you may find this information helpful.

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