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    I just searched for ‘3 columns’. The results showed 8 themes, one of which is ‘Delicacy’ which only has two-columns. When I typed ‘three-columns’ the results showed 63 themes.

    The thing is, how is someone supposed to know what they should type in the search box if they don’t know how WordPress labels the features.


    The responsive-width URL should redirect. I’ve filed that as a bug.

    I’ve forwarded the suggestion to exclude hidden blogs under “My Blogs” in the next round of updates. You’re right that the problem of having too many blogs for a dropdown list affects very few users though.

    @greylocks, features will stay in at least some form—the naming for some of them will probably change and the checkbox layout part will probably go (or get redesigned). Thank you for providing a specific search example, “3 columns,” because knowing details like that give me something to focus on and forward in bug reports and feedback summaries. I’m always on the look out for positive and clearly communicated feedback.



    […] on the drop down menu to select which blog to apply the theme, hiding the blogs I’ve hidden under “My Blogs” would make my life easier.

    We just updated the showcase with that. Additionally you’ll find your primary blog at the top of the list. Great input, thank you! :)




    Changing the feature tag from responsive width to responsive layout also left a trail of broken links I have to fix. The forum threads tagged with the original are closed. I’ll “fix” the ones I can when I have time.

    Please may we have a list of responsive layout themes rather than that link to a page full of images. It’s such a waste of time scrolling through it to answer support questions. http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/search/responsive%20layout/


    @timethief, I’ll see what I can do!

    I’ve already asked about getting the broken bookmarked links fixed.

    Please may we have a list of responsive layout themes rather than that link to a page full of images.

    It helps me a ton to have very specific examples. Are you asking for a list because you’re searching for “Responsive” in the showcase and then trying to search on-page again because “Responsive” doesn’t come up first? Using a specific example, what’s your process exactly so I can understand the pain points?


    In the case of Responsive the theme, you can do ?theme=pub/responsive on the admin to get to that theme quickly. Same for other themes you know by name and want permalink access from the admin.

    We’ll be iterating on the search capabilities and how it deals with filters. Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming.



    The responsive theme tag used to appear on each theme description page in the Features column on the right hand side. It was easy to click into the theme description page and see if it was there or not when answering theme question. There was no need to actually click into the responsive width page.

    That link tag was changed to responsive layout AND the link no longer appears in the Features column on the themes description pages. So the only way to know if a theme has the feature aside from reading source code and I pass on that due to the visual challenge I face is to go directly to this page. http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/search/responsive%20layout/

    That means two clicks and still no answer, instead of one click and an instant answer.

    What I’m faced with next is not a list of theme names I can quickly scroll through. It’s not a page of thumbnail images of the same size and in alphabetical order – oh no! Instead I have to focus my eyes and refocus them again and again as I scroll through a hodge podge of images of different size to locate the answer to the question:
    Is ________________ a responsive width theme?

    It’s a so annoying I am making my own list so I can know in seconds flat what the answer to that question is.



    This is good feedback. Thanks for including a specific example.

    In case it helps in the short term, the full set of tags is still exposed in the theme details in your blog dashboard. Example: https://cloudup.com/c0LW2qNmBYR



    Thank for hiding “hidden” sites in the drop down menu.

    So far “Responsive” “Responsive width” and “Responsive Layout” seems to be the hot potato.

    Looking in the search box on the Theme Showcase for “responsive” brings back 55 results. Searching for “responsive-layout” brings back 14 results. If I click on the feature filter “responsive-layout” I get 133 results.

    Sorry, that’s all the testing I can do at this time. Have a hot date with hubby.



    Oh, and thank you for the additional tips for searching, but honestly anything not built into the UI is not something that will be used by everyone.


    Update: The bookmark links such as http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/features/responsive-layout/ have been fixed.

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