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    Hi, I am actively starting to blog again after a few years hiatus. Things have changed a bit since I last blogged, however when I checked the Support functionality that Support should be there isnt.

    I seem to be missing the Add Media button when creating a post.
    I also don’t seem to have the View Code (as in HTML code) that I used to have.

    Also when I select a Picture Post the Paste Picture URL doesnt seem to work. As in I paste the URL, click the Fetch Photo button and the box resets itself.

    I am the owner and administrator of my blog so I don’t think it is a permission issue. I have tried IE9 and Chrome and the fucntionality is missing from both browsers.

    What am I missing?

    The blog I need help with is dnutley.wordpress.com.




    The Add Media page changed at the end of the last year and I think it is better now. It has all of the functions the old one had, but I don’ t have an idea about your problem of inserting a picture from URL.

    The code view can be reached from the Text button on the right side of the text editing options, on the editing page of any post.




    Since you mention the “Fetch Photo button”, you’re talking about the New Post tool in the grey admin bar. This is meant for quick posting – it doesn’t support all the options that are normally available. More important, it’s buggy: your content may disappear, partly or completely. Users have been complaining about this for almost a year, and so far WP has found nothing to say (or do) about it.
    So, simply don’t use that tool: create your posts via Posts > Add New in your dashboard sidebar.



    Hi Justpi that was exactly what I was trying to use. Good to know that I am not the only one having the issue.

    Went to Dashboard and Posts and yes I can see the Add Media button when I create a new post that way.

    So thank you both that has solved my problem.

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