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    I purchased 10GB space upgrade a year ago and used only 5GB of it (because I didn’t realize it had an expiration date). I just purchased another 10GB because my previous one expired and it doesn’t look like the additional 10GB was added on. I should have 15GB now, since I bought the one-year 10GB upgrade, but it says I’ve used 5GB of my 13GB. I’m confused!

    The blog I need help with is chrisandmegjohnson.wordpress.com.



    The Space Upgrade is a yearly upgrade. You didn’t add 10GB, but you renewed the existing space upgrade which now won’t expire until 2013-11-14.

    Space upgrades are cumulative. If you purchase a 10 GB upgrade, you’ll have a total of 13 GB of storage space (your free 3 GB, plus purchased 10 GB)

    You can read more about Space Upgrades in this guide.

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