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missing head element

  1. Hello. I ran each of my four blogs through "" and two of them came back "broken", with the message, "Your page doesn't include a <head> element." Is this serious? Can it be fixed? Is it something I can fix?

    the two blogs are:


    The blog I need help with is

  2. According to my "Firebug" which is well known browser tool to look at a Web pages code:
    Both your Blogs are fine and have header elements.

    both include an area the top of its "Source code" included between:

    ' <head> header information and code </head> `

    You cannot change this code at

  3. BTW left a messege for moderators to remove your name.
    Just because it not a good idea in forums.(security is premium these days :)

  4. Well, this is certainly curious. I can see the <head></head> element in the page source, but says it doesn't exist.

    I also checked and and according to, both are self-hosted blogs.

    Maybe something is wrong with

  5. That's wrong has always been and still remains free hosted by has been moved back to free hosting and the report is also stating it's a self hosted install when it isn't.

    I'm off to send in a support ticket on this. :(

  6. Personally, I think it's a glitch with Tellyworth's app.

  7. Really? I hope so because I just filed to support tickets.

  8. ismyblogworking has had some strange results the last week or so - flagged a few blogs as being .ORG when the gray sidebar was at the top of the screen and the URL was a WordPress.COM URL.

  9. @auxclass
    That's informative and disturbing. :(

  10. Their is clearly a visible css glitch: on prickettforts title bar, to the right of the hometab at

    perhaps thats the error on that on page, but that not the header..
    perhaps that is registering the error at that site?

  11. Both blogs are using the Misty theme and have a glitch on the menu bar: a missing "About" button.

  12. And oddly enough, another of the OP's blogs is also using Misty and has the same CSS glitch, but is coming up clean in (which unfortunately recognizes it as an ORG blog).

    FWIW, I also ran through and it comes up as broken with no < head > element. So at this point, I'm not sure what is broken.

    Has anyone gotten any further info on this problem?

  13. how can add a Dofollow blog?

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  15. @rmanroh
    Also note you are posting to the wrong support forum. The correct support forum to post to for the blog you posted a link to is here >
    http://wordpress.ORG/ support
    Clarification is found here >

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