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Missing Icons

  1. theysaysilenceisgold

    When trying to write a new post, I no longer see the "editor-bar" with icons, I only get the HTML-thing with "b-quote", "img". Has it got anything to do with using Word? Had to write a post off line and was stupid enough to just copy it from Word (sorry). Any way I can get my good old editor-bar back. The other doesn't make writing as fun.

  2. It might be that your editor switched back to classic versus the visual editor. Go to your Admin => Users => My Profile and make sure the 'use visual editor' button is checked and then save the page. If it doesn't show up right away, clear your browser cache and try again.


  3. theysaysilenceisgold

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. My lovely little icons are back. Thank you!

  4. Glad you have them back! Happy(ier) blogging!


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