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    I’m missing all the insert media buttons in the post editor?
    Anyone else has this problem, or knows what causes this?

    The blog I need help with is littavhvertavalt.wordpress.com.


    With the upgrade to wordpress 3.3, the media side of things got a huge workover and now there is only one button for all media (files, images, etc.). We also got drag-and-drop media uploading as well. See this announcement on the wordpress.com blog.


    It’s just one of many problems, that started two nights ago. The new version has more bugs, than the insect house at the London Zoo.

    1. The toolbars have icons that if you move the ciursor over them change.
    2. You can’t edit a post without switching from visual to HTML and back again.
    3. Uploading pictures doesn’t work.


    I’ve had no issues in testing using the drag and drop.

    What browser and browser version are you using?


    I’m using IE 8. I don’t even get a box to drag anything to. THe only thing I can do is select a file.

    I should also say, that my computer is virtually as delivered and the only extra software is stuff, I’ve written myself in VB6.


    While on the editor (post or page) try switching compatibility view on, if its off, or off if its on and see what happens. IE8 has a split personality.


    Also, do you have another browser that you can try to see if it is just related to IE?


    Also #2, what is the URL of your site?



    The first post details all most of my problems.

    I’ve been trying to put a picture in the third post for two days now. I can get ut into the Media Library, but not the post.


    You can always get the URL of the image from the media library and then just write the HTML. It looks like the width of the other images on your site is 460px, so just use that.

    If you want it linked to the full sized image (on click).

    <img class=”aligncenter” src=”URL OF IMAGE” alt=”” width=”460″ />`

    If you do not want the image linked to the full sized image.

    <img class="aligncenter" src="URL OF IMAGE" alt="" width="460" />

    The above will at least get the image into your post for you.


    Gaaahhh. Missed a code tag on the first bit.

    <a href="URL OF IMAGE"><img class="aligncenter" src="URL OF IMAGE" alt="" width="460" /></a>


    I’m sure staff is working on a fix for this and I know it is frustrating, but once they get it ironed out, you are going to like it. It works so slick in Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox for me.

    I know you don’t want to change browsers, but you might think about just temporarily downloading and using Firefox or Chrome. Both seem to work just fine with the new image uploader, at least on my Mac they do.


    I could do that and I can write HTML, but why can’t I use the simpler method?

    This upgrade was a very badly coded mistake.




    You’ll be suggesting I buy a Mac next! But as I write and fix problems in VB6, that is impossible.

    I have written ac lot of software that used IE, so it is impossible for me to change browser.


    Just a bit of a rant from a web designer that has to deal with the kludge that is Internet Explorer and jump through all sorts of flaming hoops daily just to get sites that are 100% compliant with web standards, and work in all other browsers, to work with all the different bloody version of IE:

    I can’t wait till IE is a distant memory.


    What has downloading a different browser got to do with VB6? You don’t replace IE, you simply, and temporarily, use the other browser to work with WordPress. It isn’t like you have to marry Firefox or Chrome. I suggested it as a temporary workaround for working with wordpress.


    Anyone coming to this thread having issues with the uploader in IE, check to see if you have the “Microsoft Silverlight extension” installed and active. If you do, try temporarily disabling it and see if you can then upload and insert images.


    I haven’t got Silverlight, as far as I know.


    As to the VB6 things. I have some software that a lot of people use that uses Ie as an embedded system in a VB6 program. VB6 works well on all versions of Windows, but you can’t run it on any other OS.

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