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Missing "items" in Settings Section

  1. I had my wife's WordPress blog installed at and in the "Settings" section,--of her blog -- I (she) has fewer options than I do. I have my blog hosted here ( For example, in her blog, in the Settings section there is NO "Sharing, email, Domains, etc.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Because wordpress.ORG (self-hosted) and wordpress.COM are not the same thing. (Used to be a sticky at the top of the forums that explained that but it appears to be gone now.)

  3. This is the link to the post Vivian is talking about:

  4. Just so you know, there are many features that are introduced here on before they are incorporated into the next release of the ORG (i.e. standalone) version of WordPress.

    As far as Sharing goes, you might want to take a look at the Sharedaddy plugin or the whole Jetpack plugin.

    For future reference, support for the standalone version of WordPress is available at

  5. Wow, didn't know. I'm new at "bloging" don't know ANYTHING about it. Learning as much as I can.
    Thanks a lot for all your help.

    So, I have my wife's blog in GoDaddy, and one time that I change something on the Dashboard, a link that ask me to connect to if I want to use the Jetpack plugins, the WordPress folder --in GoDaddy-- disappear, or at least, that is what I think happen. It's this possible? I never move or touch that folder.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks again

  6. @weare1now
    See here re: API keys >
    See here for Jetpack >

    Also note that all support for your wife's install must come from here >

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