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Missing Link - can't find blog in google search

  1. I changed my blog's address and wanted to change it back -- oops. So I paid for the site redirect, but it isn't working. My address for the blog was originally, and now it is I dont' know if I did it right but they don't come up now in a search.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    Could you clarify for me which URL you want to use with your blog? Is it


  3. I want the use wiebephotogallery but I want to get it to redirect to weebeedesigns -- I guess. What I really want is just to be able to get back my original work. I sent people the link under weebeedesigns, include some prospective employers. Now the gallery does't look right on the Garden Macros post. I realized after I started that I want the landing page to be the page Close Encounters in Garden Photography and instead of posts I intend to do only pages. So I want Garden Macros to be a page instead of a post.

  4. I think I understand what you are trying to do. Correct me if any of the following is wrong:

    You would like your site to be at That is the URL that you want to show in the browser window, and is the URL that you gave to employers.

    You would also like the ability to direct people to, but anyone who goes there should be redirected to your actual site

    If that's correct, then you will need to move your content back to your real site, You can do this by exporting the content from and then importing it into The following docs have more information on this process:

    Once you have your content setup in the correct blog, I can help you get your gallery displaying properly.


  5. Ultimately, I would prefer the link read "" because it is more descriptive of what is at the site. However, I would like the potential employers I gave the original link to (weebeedesigns) to be able to find that content where it was originally set up, so I don't have to look like a bad prospect for employment in marketing and communications and tell them that the link was messed up so please check this NEW location... it just looks bad to keep coming back with changes to a job application in an email. But by now they may have already found that the link is bad....
    So you are saying I did not need to purchase Site Redirect, I just needed to export content. I am tempted to just delete the pages and start over using the new address. I will give it a try.

  6. Ah yes, I neglected to say, that neither blog "exists" right now, according to WordPress. I go to "my blogs" click on them -- one says it has 3 pages and 1 post, one says it has one page. I get this message:

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

  7. Hi there,

    If you want to use as the domain that displays then you don't need to export/import anything. You just need to transfer the site redirect upgrade from to In other words you need to:

    1. Go to the Store -> My Upgrades page in your dashboard (

    2. Locate your Site Redirect upgrade. In the links in the Subscription Status column there should be an option to 'Transfer to another site'

    3. Choose as the site to transfer the upgrade to in the dialog box that appears

    4. Go to the Store -> Domains page in your weebeedesigns dashboard (

    5. In the Site Redirect section at the bottom of the page, update the redirect to point to

    Once you have done that, anyone who tries to go to the URL you gave out will be automatically redirected to the site you are building at


  8. I did as suggested with site redirect. It still says the site doesn't exist, even though it shows stats.

  9. Hi there,

    When I checked I found the redirect upgrade hadn't fully transferred. I fixed that problem and you can now see your Moreover, if you go to, it will redirect you to

    Can you check your sites and let me know if everything is now working the way you intended?


  10. Thanks for helping, but I gave up on the redirect because I had to find a way to get a site up since I put the link out to two potential employers, so I started over with I now have 5 pages of galleries and slideshows up with something like 200 photos uploaded. So I have two choices: delete the other two sites, or try the redirect which I think I will have to pay for again so I can get weebeedesigns to redirect to wiebephotogalleries. Deleting the other two sites is not a problem, its just not going to be very good form to have to write the potential employers and explain that the link was bad. Maybe since Redirect did not complete its work I can get a pass on another payment? Or maybe it can't be done now since I believe once you do a redirect you can't do it again on the same address? I need to make a decision today so I can send an email to the employers.

  11. Hi there,

    I have updated your Site Redirect Upgrade to redirect to weebeedesigns to wiebephotogalleries instead. Could you check and let me know if the redirect is working the way you want it to?


  12. THANK YOU! That is what I needed! It works great.

  13. Glad to hear it's working for you now. Let us know if we can help with anything else.


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