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Missing menu items

  1. Hi. A friend and I set up and after all she has not used it. I wanted to set it to be private until she does, but the menu choices on left bar of dashboard are missing. The visible list does NOT show Store, Media, Links, Pages, Appearance or Users, also when I hover over the available menu items, the sub-choices are not made available - for example hovering over Settings the only choice offered is Polls - I canNOT see or access General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, etc etc etc

    On all the other blogs for which I am admin I have full menu access - why not on this armagnac blog? I believed I had full admin rights on this blog - is that not true? If I do have full rights, then how do I get at the necessary menu choices? Please advise. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Any chance of some advice here? I have raked through all of support, I have tried clicking everything I can, I have compared to other blog dashboards.... I cannot find the trick to get access to the concealed menu functionality on the practically armagnac blog... please help? thanks

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