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Missing Options

  1. Sometimes when I go to make a post. The options/buttons that are on top of the post section aren't there. Sometimes they are there. I use the buttons to make links and to make my font bold. Can someone tell me where the options/buttons went? How can I get those options/buttons back? Or is this some kind of bug that wordpress is trying to figure out?

  2. I am experiencing the same problems too! In fact i also posted a question about this same problem, just before you did, titled "Problems uploading pics".

    I found that with the rich text editor missing, you can't upload any pictures too!

    So WP is this a current bug? Its been happening since last weekend.

  3. Hey a person told me how to fix the problem. First you have to get Mozilla Firefox as a Internet Browser. Once you get Firefox then go to your post section of your dashboard. If the options/buttons aren't there, Then hit control(ctrl)+shift+r . to reload the page. You have to hit all those keys at the same time. When you do that, the options/buttons show up!

  4. hey cityrockers thanks! it works :)

  5. You can hit Refresh in Explorer, too. I'm getting the same damn problem, and frankly it has DOUBLED the time it takes me to post an entry. Is there some bandwidth problem at WordPress HQ or something? This is really very annoying. I certainly don't want to have to download a new browser just to use one site that USED to work just fine with Explorer.

    Also, when I post I am sometimes getting Page Not Available. Which is really irritating when I've just typed in and lost(as I just did) 1400 words!

    I'm no techie, but it looks like the WordPress pipeline can't handle what it's got to put out. Has demand suddenly gone up or something? I just recommended the site to friends and they're having me come over to teach them how to work it. Would be great if it worked.

  6. I haven't lost my posts because of an error. You might want to ask drmike, about that. I'm thinking about using for most of my big posts and for personal posts. I'm going to use wordpress mostly for links and images. I think wordpress has gotten popular among the blog community. I've been using wordpress for a week, and even though it has bogged down a few times, I'm gonna wait and see if the crew can fix the glitches. Most of my problems have been resolved just by learning how the program works. But heck, if these problems continue, only the patient bloggers will remain :)

  7. perhaps, should be sponsored as well?

    [though, it's a way bit slower & even more complicated than MCE]

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