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    I noticed that the options to bold, link words, un-link words, add image. All the options that are normally right above the post section, have all vanished! I use them all the time. Now that they are gone, I don’t know how to get them back, heck I have no idea where they went!
    Please help me get those options back!



    Yeah…the buttons that usually appear on top of the post section, are not there! The buttons include the link one. Thats the one that makes words you type into a link. Yeah all the buttons aren’t there anymore. Can you explain to me what happened? And how do I get those buttons back?


    I’ve had this problem before, too. Here’s how you solve it: force reload.

    If you’re using Firefox, hit control+shift+r (command+shift+r on Mac).

    If you’re using Internet Explorer, go to Mozilla.com, download Firefox, install it, close Explorer, open Firefox, and hit control+shift+r.

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