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missing page on my blog

  1. Something strange has happened on my blog. One of my pages that was tag under self help has vanished. I am not quite sure what to make of this matter. I noticed this when I went to get clicky and tracked back to tags that had been on my posts. I am not sure how this could have happened. I believe I noticed that one of my post pages were blank last night too. Has anyone had this happen to of their post pages being empty and if so what have you done to fix it?

  2. I would check to make sure it still exists. Go to admin => manage => pages and make sure it is still there. As well, make sure you didn't mark it accidently as Private. If it is, then change it back to Published under post status in the right hand tool bar.


  3. Trent
    I have gone to my dashboard to attempt to check out what you are suggesting above and the only prompts that I have in the top section is Profile and then right next to it is Upgrades. Presentation, Manage, ect. are no longer on that line. I have no idea what is happening to my blog.

  4. I posted in your other thread. It is the new Global Dashboard idea. The other post has the link. It is a way for people without blogs to have a dashboard for their Akismet API key and to change their profile if they don't have a blog. It however, is not a great link for us who are used to going to our dashboards. Now, when you login, just click on the Dashboard links out of the blue admin bar at the top of your page when logged in. It has nothing to do with your blog admin, so don't worry! ;-)


  5. Trent, I appreciate the suggestion, however I want to keep my blogging experience simple. I am not wanting a work around. I have sent all this information to support and hopefully they can right my ship (blog) to where it was before whatever happened.

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