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Missing paragraph format

  1. For some reason, my first post with WordPress (I've just transferred from Blogger because of its poor text and pic format handling) isn't formatting properly. I've read the guide(s), and checked the FAQs, but can't see anything that helps. It's probably just me, but perhaps someone can help. The specific problem is that I want a paragraph, but no matter whether I insert it using Visual or HTML, when I Update, nothing changes. It's only the final paragraph - the earlier paragraphs in the post come out fine. Here's the Visual and the HTML I'm trying to post:

    ...or on Youtube.

    That's all for now....

    ...or on Youtube.</div>
    <div class="mceTemp" style="text-align:justify;"> </div>
    <div class="mceTemp" style="text-align:justify;">That's all for now....

    Any help greatly apporeciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry - I need to clarify - it's a missing line space between paragraphs.

  3. Your code is a mess. Are you pasting from Word or other pre-formatted text? If so, then you should use the "paste from Word" or "paste as plain text" icons.
    How to fix it:

    <p style="text-align: justify;">Finally, in lieu of the delayed update to ”Amazon Excursion Part I” (I’ll get it done soon, honest…),  I’d like to point you to Mark’s brilliant short video <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. I’d put it up on WordPress, but it would mean a paid upgrade (free on Blogger, I notice), so it’s not going to happen.  If you can’t view it on YouTube, I may be able to send it by e-mail or post it up somewhere else for you to download (around 20mb), Mark permitting – let me know. With many thanks to Mark – who has clearly missed his vocation in life – for this. (Incidentally, you really need to have the soundtrack on for the best effect). No doubt the Film Director would appreciate some feedback on this, by the way, either via the blog or on Youtube</p>
    <p style="text-align: justify;">That’s all for now. All feedback on the new blog gratefully received, and I will try to add the various widgets back and spruce things up a bit when I’ve had more time to play around with WordPress functionality.</p>
  4. Many thanks ltess. I'm mystified now - I think the code was generated as I typed into the "Visual" box. I did wonder where <div class="mceTemp"...> came from (means nothing to me), but just assumed (one should never assume) it was generated by WP. Anyway, I'm off now to re-do it with <p>...</p> and will report back in due course.

  5. maguiresblog

    Nice gravatar!
    That is very odd then. The code in your older posts is also messed up. You'll notice that some of the type is smaller or larger.

  6. That's done the trick - many thanks again - although I would be interested to know where all the mceTemp nonsense came from (and even what it means). I've tried to replicate the problem in a draft post, but no joy. I'll watch for it in my next post.

  7. The editor we use in WordPress is TinyMCE, so I'd guess the mceTemp is related to that in some way.

    (Welcome to WordPress, btw. Much better neighborhood here, imo)

  8. ltess - thanks - glad you like it (although looking at your own gravatar, you may be biased!) The older posts I'm not worried about as long as they don't cause problems further down the line - they were done over 2 years using a whole variety of word processors, text editors, by email etc etc, so it's not much wonder they are, um, somewhat architecturally challenged :). I'll be careful how I prepare future posts.

    Ellaella - OK - that makes sense. And thanks for the welcome. If you guys are representative, I've obviously come to the right place!

  9. Hi, tess!!!

    @mcguiresblog - Two things that might make your transition easier. If you haven't already checked the box in Settings>Writing that says "WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically" you should do so. (Save your change) If you have some difficult imported text, open the troublesome post, make a little change, even adding a space and removing it and Save.

    Also, if you prefer a more Word-like environment and you're using Windows, download Windows Live Writer from Microsoft. It's free, easy and is the simplest way I've found for creating tables.

  10. hey ella!

  11. Thanks Ella. Unfortunately we don't have broadband half way up the Amazon (yet), so my average upload (and download) speed is around 3-5kbps - which basically means that anything I do online can be a m-o-n-u-m-e-n-t-a-l effort, and I usually need to be reactive rather than proactive (which is to say - I'll correct the stuff only if it causes problems!) But I will definitely see if I can download Live Writer overnight - I like the sound of those tables... (Btw, what's with the @+name thing..?)

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