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Missing Photos

  1. I just brought over my windows live space to word press but my photos did not show up. The blog posts are there and fine. Any suggestions on getting the photos?

    I tried to log back on to the live blog but it's already redirecting me to wordpress.

    Thank you!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi and welcome. Check out the FAQ for Upgrading from Windows Live Spaces ("Where did my photo albums go?"):

  3. Hi Airodyssey,
    May i know whether the blog can direct post the photo?
    Since i just join the basic function, is there different function with premium blog package?
    thanks for your attention.

  4. Awesome! Thank you so much. :)

  5. @jaffngai
    There is no such think as a "premium blog package" at This is how to upload images into a blog. >

  6. "think" was meant to be "thing"

  7. I recently changed appearance of my blog and now cannot upload images from my documents/pictures files to WP posts. Can anyone help me?

  8. I'm so sorry but you forgot to post the URL for the blog in question and we cannot help until you do that. Will you please post it now?

  9. When I attempt to download an image from my documents/pictures files to WordPress as soon as I click on an image file my compputer closes down. I'm lucky retrieve files works perfectly. Why all of a sudden is this happening just because I changed the appearance of my WordPress blog? Thanks so much if you can fix this.

    • Which browser and version of it are you using please?

  10. timethief, are you there? Thanks.

  11. Yes, I am here. :)

    I am waiting for you to do as I said here

    And then answer my question.

    This is not liekly to be anything to do with the changing of themes. This is most likely a browser issue.

  12. Internet Explorer 8

  13. I refreshed and cleared tempory files and history.

  14. Good. Next we will make sure you Flash is up to date. If it isn't you see blank (white) pages.

  15. P.S. Another Volunteer will be helping you as I must log out now. Not to worry this will get sorted. G'night. :)

  16. G'night!

  17. I updated my Flash.

  18. The problem still exists.

  19. @maydelory Do you have a second computer which you can test the issue from? Does it happen there too?

    Also, what happens if you try the same action in another browser such as Firefox? (free, fast, secure)

  20. I just brought over my windows live space to word press but mwwy photos did not show up

  21. If you had photos or images that were inserted into the posts on your Windows Live Spaces blog, you should find them within the posts on your new site.

    Photos that are part of albums but not used in posts are not part of the upgrade process. Those images are still stored with Windows Live and you can find them by going to .

    You can add a link to your photo album if you use Windows Live Writer:

    If you would like to begin posting your photos to, you can start doing so at any time. The process is a little bit different from what you might be used to, and you can read about our Gallery/Slideshow features here:

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