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Missing Picture insert and edit icon

  1. I seem to have lost the icon on the post to insert and edit a picture, I can still use add media to get the picture or link in but I can't add and edit the frame or change the position and spacing of text around the picture.

    I am using the Connections theme.

    Is anyone else experiencing similar and have you found a way around it?

  2. I can confirm this. It seems the guys are combining the media upload with the picture edit button. I will probably wait a few hours until this looks a little more polished.

  3. Here's the biggest thread on the issue:

  4. Good to know that all us have the same problem at this moment. I've already thought that I had been doing something wrong. Unfortunately, I can only insert pictures by using the icon on the post.

  5. Looks like you may have to host them outside and put them in using HTML. Be sure to let staff know on Monday. You're not going to be alone, that's for sure.

  6. I seem to be having a problem uploading using the insert media button. It will upload the images I want, but then when they have been transfered to the gallery theres no option to insert the gallery into the post. This issue has been going on for me for so long Im seriously considering swapping to another blog providor. All the support I seem to be able to find says to insert the images as HTML code. I dont know any!!!!!

  7. Have you contacted Support itself through the above link or your dashboard?

  8. not yet. Are theygoing to say anyhting other than whats already been written by them in here?

  9. I couldn't upload images before with useless and problem ridden image uploader. Now they take away the only thing that works, the tree button.

    Do you hate me wordpress?

  10. Yeah, I've noticed that too. Insert image worked properly yesterday... looks like they just deleted it, and now we gotta use "add media", but this new system does not work when I want too add a pic with the url.
    I guess wordpress people are gonna handle it. I hope so!

  11. The workarounds and the how-to's are in the other thread:

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