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    i dont see any plugins option in my blog dashboard, help me

    The blog I need help with is teleconferencecenter.wordpress.com.



    We don’t allow plugins installation on WordPress.com for security reasons. Plugins are a feature only available for self-hosted blogs provided through WordPress.org.

    However, we do have some really cool widgets. Perhaps one of those might meet your needs?


    kar, why did they soften the language on the Support page for this?



    The text has been improved to make clear that we don’t allow plugin installation, but we do run plugins. If there’s anything in the document you think we should improve, please let us know :)


    I just think it was more clear before that users were not permitted to do it on .com

    in that we install and maintain the plugins

    Now it says essentially ‘we do it for you’ implying they can ask to have it done (like some of the upgrades) rather than just suggest ones to be vetted.



    Depending on the requested feature and the amount of requests we get, we consider to install/create a plugin or not. That’s why we also have the ideas forum, where you can discuss ideas with the WordPress.com community: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/forum/ideas

    I’ve registered your suggestion about the plugins support document and I’ll pass it on to your team.

    Thank you.

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