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Missing plurals (lots)

  1. There are a LOT of strings which should offer plurals appropriate to the locale but which don't, for example:
    "You are on a %d day streak!"

    I know that Android doesn't allow proper plural formatting but these can't all be Android strings. I think there needs to be a general review of all strings which have a number placeholder and enable plurals for them unless they're Android strings and if they're Android, we should add a comment saying "Android strings, doesn't allow plurals, sorry"

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Here's another one that just doesn't work:

    "Your current subscription includes a license for %s user(s). When adding another user, you will be asked to purchase a license for them. Please note that we cannot cancel or refund unused licenses."

    Simple Plurals are a really bad idea. Any language with more than 2 plural forms is, well, in trouble (we'd end up with "c(h)leachdaiche(an)") and a lot of languages form plurals like goose/geese, so Simple Plurals don't work at all.

    I'm not entirely sure why WP is so messy with it's plurals. Maybe it depends on whether the developer of a feature knows about plural formatting or not? Perhaps some check procedure would be good when it comes to placeholder strings befor they land in l10n?

  3. Thanks naoko ... but what about my suggestion of a general sweep of number placeholders? I mean, I *can* report every string where I spot missing plural formatting but that would end up sort of spamming this forum with "missing plural" bugs.

  4. If you don't mind, please report problematic strings as you find them (you can reply to this thread, or start a new thread and keep adding comments). It's our goal to continue improving our software for better internationalization, and we are doing our best to find & fix existing issues. Your help is much appreciated.

  5. Very well. Here's a batch:

    wp-content/js/jed/calypso-strings.php:1211 wp-content/js/jed/json-strings.php:69 wp-content/js/jed/notifications-i18n.php:47

    wp-content/js/jed/calypso-strings.php:1212 wp-content/js/jed/json-strings.php:70 wp-content/js/jed/notifications-i18n.php:48

    wp-content/plugins/liveblog/liveblog.php:519 wp-content/plugins/o2/o2.php:916

    wp-content/plugins/liveblog/liveblog.php:521 wp-content/plugins/o2/o2.php:918

    wp-content/js/jed/calypso-strings.php:1214 wp-content/js/jed/json-strings.php:72 wp-content/js/jed/notifications-i18n.php:50

    wp-content/js/jed/calypso-strings.php:1215 wp-content/js/jed/json-strings.php:73 wp-content/js/jed/notifications-i18n.php:51

    wp-content/js/jed/calypso-strings.php:1216 wp-content/js/jed/json-strings.php:74 wp-content/js/jed/notifications-i18n.php:52

    wp-content/js/jed/calypso-strings.php:1217 wp-content/js/jed/json-strings.php:75 wp-content/js/jed/notifications-i18n.php:53

    wp-content/js/jed/calypso-strings.php:1218 wp-content/js/jed/json-strings.php:76 wp-content/js/jed/notifications-i18n.php:54



  6. Some more:


    wp-content/admin-plugins/post-flair/polldaddy/polldaddy.php:3977 wp-content/admin-plugins/post-flair/polldaddy/polldaddy.php:3983 wp-content/admin-plugins/post-flair/polldaddy/polldaddy.php:3989

  7. Hi!
    Thanks - and I should have mentioned this earlier but could you share the link to the string in GlotPress? Example:

    (You can click "Permalink to this original" after clicking the string)

    The file paths change constantly since the developers are adding/removing code from the file on a daily basis. Forgive me for not explain it better in the first place!

  8. Ok.

    The first batch is where the placeholder is actually %d:

    this one needs splitting into two, localizing a string with 2 number placeholders is almost impossible.

    Unfortunately, some developers use %s which overlaps with other kinds of placeholders, making them harder to spot:

    More to come!


    This is possibly not a plural, hard to tell

    Again, with the mixing of %s and %d, hard to tell:

  10. Thank you so much for all of these links! Amazing! :D

    I've passed them along to the internationalization team for fixes.

  11. You're welcome. There are probably more but I'll look into that once this batch is fixed.

    One problem seems to be that when a string without plural formatting is fixed to having plural formatting, it shows as 'Translated' on the system. They should probably be 'fuzzy' - or at least it would be good if there was a filter one could use for 'Search strings missing plural forms'

  12. Thanks for that feedback! I'll pass that along as well. :)

  13. Another which probably needs splitting up, not sure what the second placeholder stands for.

  14. Awesome! I've updated the developers.

  15. Thanks for continuing to dig into this! I've passed the new strings along as well.

  16. You're welcome Liz! Another one:
    <span>%d</span> list items

  17. This is getting a little tedious, I don't mind reporting the 'old ones' but assuming new strings are added at the top of the file, there are developers adding number placeholder strings without plurals. Someone needs to put some process into place to prevent that happening in future.

  18. Understood. The issue as a whole has been reported to developers, so while we really appreciate you pointing out the individual issues, we have enough now to see the pattern of the problem and address it from there.

  19. Ok, as long as a more general measure/fix is in the making, I'm happy to continue reporting them for now. Thanks!

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