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Missing post

  1. I did a little bit of research in the faq and here in the forums and couldn't find the answer to my question so here it is: I just added a new post to my blog ( and it's not showing up. The first one, titled "Oh, hello" is there, but the second, titled "Veronica's" is not. When I go to the manage entries feautre in my dashboard it shows the entry and I can click "view" and see it on my blog, but when I go back to my blog's main page it's not there. I just switched over users - does that have anything to do with it? And if not, any suggestions?

  2. This happened to me tonight also. Go to your write page, and look near the top where it says 'drafts'. Click on the one with the title of the post you lost, and publish again. I know ... I cleared my cache and it still didn't show up ... I have had this happen a couple of times in the last week. Before that, no problem. Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks for the advice, it actually helped! My post has reappeared safe and sound.

  4. Happy to hear it worked out for you! ;)

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