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  1. A post I made this morning, now no longer seems to exist--despite that fact that I've since read the post, shared it, and facebook and tweeted it: Interestingly enough, the facebook link says that the page no longer exists, while the twitter shortlink takes me to a page I just recently posted. I am completely perplexed as this recently posted page has a entirely different url: I've never had anything like this happen before.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you edited the URL at all since you posted it?

  3. The follow up question is how might I retrieve the work I've lost? I've tried my external hard drive which doesn't seem to support documents saved on the web. I've looked in my WP drafts and recent activity--to find no sign at all of the original work--and I've tried my back browser. Other ways? THANK YOU!!!

  4. And is it visible in Drafts? Or did you schedule it and it just hasn't posted yet?

  5. This is strange; Never heard of such a thing. You can also submit a ticket to the support I think.

  6. Hi Raincoaster, nice to see your face on my question. I didn't touch the URL.

  7. Is it in your drafts?

  8. I've seen it happen but only very rarely when there's been an issue on's side. IT's one reason I always Select All, Copy All before posting.

    If it's not in Drafts or Unpublished, then I suggest you contact staff

  9. I did post it--and saw it posted and even shared it posted with my husband. Once it was gone though, it didn't even show up in drafts or recent activity.

  10. Raincoaster, I also copy all before posting, but this was already posted.

  11. Did you check Posts > Edit > Trash?

  12. Great idea Panaghiotisadam, but alas, not there either.

  13. If it's not in your trash or drafts and I cannot find a copy in Google's cache. I conclude it's gone forever.

  14. i did send something to support as suggested; do you know how long a response generally takes? and how it comes? (via email?) at this point, i am just as interested in understanding WHAT happened as well as the possibility of recovering a morning's worth of inspirational work

  15. I have no idea what the Staff workload is or how the flow is managed. If you have a copy of the post I would simply go ahead and post it again, rather than waiting. If I didn't have a copy I would be re-constructing it. Do you have a copy?

  16. THANK YOU!
    I did some more forum searching to see if anyone else has ever had this happen--and indeed, it does look rare. In the process, I came across the post below by RAINCOASTER which echoed something that intrigued me that TIMETHIEF said about Google Cache above---and I found a cached copy of my post there!!!! I'd still like to know what happened. Perhaps the cached version can offer some clues.

    Here's Raincoaster's suggestion from an old forum post:
    Check the major search engines, using the title of the post. They probably have a cached version in there. Yahoo tends to be the best, but there are lots of others.

  17. It appears as if a post I made later in the day replaced the early post. They have completely different URLs--and I never changed the URL. How could this happen? Anyone know?

  18. I checked the Google cache and only found the later version. I haven't a clue as to what happened to the first one.

  19. Clarification: the cached version on Google was exactly what I was looking for and in fact I have already re-posted it. What I'm wondering is why a totally different post with a different URL, different content, seemed to replace it to begin with it, starting this whole question.

    Thanks again to all the wonderful member support!

  20. Just a thought but since you tweeted the link can you go click on the link you tweeted and see where that takes you?

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