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    I’m using categories on my blog to organise it in the menus. Everything has been going fine (for a over a year now!) but two (that I’m aware) of my posts have gone missing. I can edit them in the dashboard, and they are still correctly categorised but are not appearing in the category when navigated to through the menu.

    One of the posts doesn’t appear to be there, but when you click on the empty space it will open.

    For reference, it the very first posts under “Creative Research” and “Computer Arts Practice”.
    The former is named “Initial Vision Statement” and the latter is “Week 1: Perspective Study” (or similar).

    If anyone knows of a fix or what might be causing it, that’d be great!


    The blog I need help with is cameronmooreportfolio.wordpress.com.


    Update: it’s actually happened to more posts than I had realised, throughout the blog!

    Might it be an issue with the theme?



    which theme are you using? because I have a similar problem. The newest post of mine seems to be missing, after I posted it. I’m using the theme spectrum



    What care the URLs of these missing posts?
    Know that your threads in support forum threads remain dead in the water until or unless your provide relevant URLs so we can begin to help you.



    oops! edit: care should have been are



    Note that you can use omnisearch http://en.support.wordpress.com/omnisearch/ to locate them.

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