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missing previous/next page link in my theme

  1. Hello i 'm having problem with mind-break theme, it doesn't have previous/next link in the bottom of the page, i have tried many way to fix it by search this forum but non of them worked for me, i contact the theme maker on his site but also he didn't replay to my messages .How to solve this problem? thank you
    if u want to check and see the problem here is my site

  2. You're in the wrong forum. For help with self-hosted blogs and their themes you need to be at

  3. Sorry for my mistake

  4. Actually, I'm having the same problem here on this site. I'm using the Andreas09 theme. Any ideas?

  5. I have the same problem. My theme is: Theme: Connections by I didn't notice it until this morning, so I would say it is a fairly recent glitch.

  6. I just tried changing the number of blog posts per page (in settings) from 10 to 9, and the previous page/next page link came back. Go figure.

  7. ...but a few minutes later it disappeared again. What gives?

  8. yah, i'm having the same problem...any1 know what the deal is?

  9. Don't know what the deal is but if you edit the last post on the page and then save it, the page navigation reappears. No idea why it works, it just does.

  10. Same problem here too. What's the deal, very annoying!

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