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    For some reason I can not see my sidebar on my wordpress blog/posts. I have added some widgets in under the widget section in appearence and checked my theme options and it is set to have my blog on the left side. I have checked my page options and set them all sidebar template but for some reason I still can’t see my sidebar and I am not sure why. Any help would be apprecieated on how to get this to show. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is lukeonlanguages.wordpress.com.


    Hi –

    Which site are you working on? Please share the address here and I’ll be happy to see what is going on.



    Thanks. Here is my site URL: http://www.lukeonlanguages.wordpress.com/


    Good Morning –

    For reference this is the theme demo for Twenty Eleven: https://twentyelevendemo.wordpress.com/

    Your settings are configured with the widgets at the bottom of your page rather than in a sidebar. Read over the ‘Multiple Layouts’ section in the theme setup: https://wordpress.com/theme/twentyeleven

    Did you want your widgets to the left or right on your page?


    ah ok, I wanted to keep the widgets at the bottom and add a sidebar on the right hand side? Is that not possible with the free version then? If I had to choose I would put my widgets on the RHS . Thanks for your help



    Hey there, I hope you don’t mind me jumping in to help. Have you tried going to Customize > Layout ?


    Yes I have it set to content on left.



    OK. This theme will display one side or the other, not both. If you need sidebars on both sides, maybe one of these will do?

    You can look for more here:

    Also, I’ve noticed that in most cases, only older themes have sidebars on both sides. There are some newer ones that have two sidebars on a single side though, like this one:

    I hope that helps.


    Thanks for all of the help. Sorry if I wasn’t clear before but I wanted to be able to keep my picture widgets at the bottom of the page and have a sidebar on the right side if possible. I don’t want to have two sidebards. Thanks again for your response, I really appreciate the help



    @lukeonlanguages can you go ahead and add a few widgets to the sidebar at https://wordpress.com/customize >?

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