Missing Sidebars for Widgets in 2011 Theme

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    I recently changed my theme to the 2011 theme, which I’m enjoying. However, I noticed that the pages generated for individual posts do not have sidebars on them, even though I selected the “Content Left” option in the theme setup. I thought that perhaps the problem was that individual posts use the “showcase” template, but adding widgets to the Showcase widget section didn’t seem to resolve the problem.

    Am I missing something, or am I relegated to having widgets only at the bottom of these posts?

    The blog I need help with is leading21.wordpress.com.


    Oh, and yes, I looked at the 2011 Theme article on the WordPress site, which was about the only suggestion I gleaned from a brief search of the forum…. thanks for the help!



    The theme is operating the way it is designed to operate. There is no sidebar on single posts in this theme. I find this article to be very helpful when working with the Twenty Eleven theme.


    Thanks, timethief. I appreciate your help. Is there some sort of resource that provides information in a summary format for such mechanical aspects of themes, or does one have to just slog through the theme descriptions?

    BTW, I checked out your blog. It is lovely and very useful. Thanks for adding value to this community!



    There is a features filter in the searchbox in the Themes Forum here http://theme.wordpress.com/ Click “find a theme”.



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