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Missing space in automated text

  1. I've noticed that In automated text The blog I need help with is. There is no space between is and <a href... Can you please fix it because it looks quite odd.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Strange indeed because I clearly see a space between the word "is" and the link above.

  3. So it's just me who's seeing this? I'm surfing on iPhone Safari.

  4. Oh WELL! I'm just browsing on the web in Chrome. ;)

    So would that browser be an internal browser? Opera? Safari? Chrome <g>?

  5. Hi,

    Intersting—I see the space on iOS6 Safari. Can you take a screenshot (by holding the home button and pressing the power button) and upload it your Media Library?


  6. Hi thanks for you response.
    I'm using an older version. iOS 4 on 3GS. I can easily update version but this is not the solution. It should behave normally with the older version too. As one cannot update iOS version on a 2g or 3G.
    I know how to take a screenshot :)
    I've just uploaded a screenshot saved in my drafts of my blog (bloggersunion) with the title, iPhone screenshot.

  7. Hi again,

    You never know who doesn't know how to take a screenshot! :-)

    Thank you for pointing this out. The space is present, but not rendering as expected on that version of Mobile Safari. I'll let the team know.

    Thanks again!

  8. Thank you so much for taking time in this matter.
    Hope they will fix it soon. Cheers :)

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