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Missing Subscriptions

  1. I am missing all my subscriptions :( They just were gone this morning. No idea why. Its taken me a long time to get them and I doubt I could find all the sites again. Can this be fixed?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I hope so. The same thing happened to me.

  3. Same problem.

  4. Me too, I emailed support.

  5. I also emailed support.

  6. If you click on edit list, under the reader, you can get to the list of the blogs for which you have a subscription, tough it doesn't say if there is anything new. This keeps us from simply 'loosing' all of that work. I hope it helps a bit. I think I should have made a wordpress bookmark folder in my firefox bookmark area. Oh it might help support to know what version I'm's 6.0.

  7. Staff is already aware of the problem and is working on a solution as the threads I linked to indicate. There are two workarounds posted into the threads I linked to. The first is using Google Chrome which has worked for some. The second is entering your links into the HTML editor, rather than into the Visual editor and that has worked for some too. If you are solution oriented please try those workarounds. Also note that has backups of everything.

  8. oops meant though not tough! yikes

  9. Thanks for the help and info timethiefand & elisasspot :)

  10. You're welcome. Remain calm and patient knowing that everything is backed up. Try the workarounds, knowing behind the scenes Staff are working hard to fix the problem and don't have time to post and say "we're working on it".

  11. I'm having the same issue.

  12. My subscriptions are missing again. I deleted all the duplicates that showed up under my edit list, then suddenly this morning, all are gone, including the original subscriptions. I have logged out, cleared the browser, all the usual stuff you tell people to do. Nothing.

  13. @k8edid: Contact staff directly. (to display the form, search for anything in the search engine, then indicate that you haven't found the answer to your question)

    For everyone else: they fixed the problem as indicated here...

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