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Missing temporary folder when uploading images, themes and plugins

  1. This has happened to all the wordpress sites i have been hosting recently, and my customers (im a web developer) are getting really angry, and its all getting directed at me.
    My personal site, i have personally poured almost £200 into to get it to the place i like it, and all the wordpress sites i am hosting have become corrupt or something.
    I wiped one of my free domains and set up a brand new version of wordpress 3.9.1 straight from the website, set up a new database and what do you know, same problem, cant upload images, media folder is empty (even when stuff was there), cant install plugins or themes (the themes i use are expensive) and a few of my customers are getting to the point where i may loose them as customers so i really need this stupid problem what ever it is fixed as soon as possible.

    My hosting service is but I dont think it has anything to do with the hosts (just a guess).

    Any help is hugely appreciated.

    Anyone who fixes this for me can have free graphics work done (2d or 3d).

  2. These are the wordpress.COM forums. I'd love to help, but I think you'll have better luck at the wordpress.ORG forums.

    Personally hosted wordpress sites are .ORG sites.

    Good luck!

  3. Personally hosted wordpress sites are .ORG site

    I meant to say: "Personally hosted wordpress sites are part of the wordpress.ORG family of sites.

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