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Missing Title Exclusive to P2 Theme

  1. Alright, so I just made my latest blog, and it was a pretty long one. When I looked at it on my page, I noticed the title was missing; however, when I went back to the edit page, it said the title was there. I tried changing the title and saving, but it still wouldn't appear on the blog. I looked around to other sites where my blog is linked to, and the title appeared there, but never on the actual blog itself.

    After a while, I decided to change my theme to see if it would help. I changed to a random theme and the title suddenly reappeared as if nothing was wrong, but when I changed back to the P2 theme the title disappeared again. It seems with any theme I switch to, the title works, except for with P2.

    I'm really enjoying that theme right now, and would prefer not to have to change it, in case something like this happens again, so does anybody know how I could possibly fix this and continue blogging happily?

    Here's a link to the post in question:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You've got no title because you published the post as a "Status Update" instead of a regular post. Go to Posts (dashboard sidebar), hover under the title of that post, click Quick Edit, untick the "status" category and tick whichever your default category is, click Update.

  3. Huh... while there was no checkbox for "status" in the category list, the title reappeared when I unclicked all the categories, saved, and then clicked them back in. So I guess the problem's resolved. Thanks!

  4. This again! Where to begin...

    Well, basically, it happened again. I was making a new blog post and the title wouldn't appear. However, this time the method I used last time to fix the problem isn't working. To make matters even worse, I went to the theme options and unclicked and reclicked "Display Titles", hoping a similar affect would happen as last time, but it only made my missing title problem spread to the rest of my posts. Now my entire blog is full of untitled posts, and it's bugging the crap out of me.


  5. Link to the blog homepage:

  6. @sachi13 Thanks for the report, that issue is fixed now.

  7. Yayy! Thanks a bunch! :D

  8. Err... nevermind. Now whenever I link to individual posts, the title appears twice, lol.

  9. @sachi13 Could you try now? Double titles should be fixed.

  10. Seems to be all good now, thanks.

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