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    I accidentally misspelled the URL for my blog. THere is a “t” after garden that needs to be deleted. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is secretgardentforwriters.wordpress.com.



    DON’T DELETE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just register a new name with the same account, When logged in click on your username on the right side of the top bar and select “Manage My Blogs” and down at the bottom of the page on the right side “Register Another Blog”

    Then go back and set the first blog private and use it for a test site, once a name is deleted it is gone forever even from you.

    Dashboard >> Settings >> Privacy



    I have never heard of Staff making spelling corrections to URLs. If you want to register http://secretgardenforwriters.wordpress.com click this link while logged in to WordPress.com and register it.



    to .wordpress.com sub-domain URLs

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