Misty Lake: some issues and bugs

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    Thank you for Misty Lake, which is an improvement on Misty Look to an extent. Some comments:

    1. The ‘archive’ page template has gone. Can we have it back please, or tips for how to add this in a different way? The “contact” template appears still to be working but you can’t add this as a feature if it wasn’t on the original Misty Look blog.

    2. Email notifications of new posts to subscribers (my blog, http://ukhumanrightsblog.com has over 4,000) now arrive from “wordpress.com” instead of the name of the blog. This was better the old way.

    3. I have been told that the site is now not working properly on certain versions of internet explorer – this needs to be resolved urgently

    4. It would be good to have the “search” function back in the header as in the Misty Look theme, as this increases space for the rest of the blog.

    5. The fade in/out haze feature is cute but should be optional. The sidebar features are really important on my blog and I want readers to be able to see them properly at all times.

    Again, thanks for the new theme.

    The blog I need help with is ukhumanrightsblog.com.



    1. Create a static page and then use the Archive shortcode on it.

    Themes Staff will respond to your other issues.

    I am using this themes on two blogs so here are my responses for Themes Staff attention.
    re: 4
    I do not wish to have a searchbox in the header – thanks for not placing one there. It was PITA on the MistyLook theme and I don’t want to see it returned.

    re: 5
    I like the opacity but don’t object to seeing it become an optional feature.



    Thanks @timetheif for the archive tip, I have put my archive page back.

    Another couple of issues

    6. The feature on Misty Look where you could see the previous and next post at the top of posts was useful for readers and should at least be optional

    7. The ‘edit’ button is now at the bottom of posts rather at the top. This is a small point but it is annoying to have to scroll down to the bottom of posts when all you want to do is edit (not read) them.

    Thanks- looking forward to a response!

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