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Misty Lake - something strange is happening

  1. howardpublicschool

    Something strange has started happening on my blog as of today.

    The titles for my posts, tags, as well as the site title are 'dimming' unless you hover the mouse over them. This didn't use to happen and I want it to stop :)

    This has always happened to the header image and sidebar, which I realize is a design feature of the Misty Lake theme, but never to the titles before.

    Also the text in my contact forms 'disappears' after you type it (it is there but blends in to the background) which never used to happen.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Several bloggers are encountering similar problems with their themes. I flagged this thread for staff attention. Please be patient as they will come and update you as soon as possible. Thanks!

  3. Staff have been notified of this issue and are looking into the details. Please have patience.

  4. Please read the sticky post on top of these forums:

  5. howardpublicschool

    Thank you @darnelldibbles and @1tess for taking the time to update me.


  6. This issue should now be resolved so I'm going ahead and closing this thread. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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