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Misty Lake Template

  1. I have the Misty Lake template for my blog and wanted to find out if I can change the color of the font on the header. My blog is called "Life in the Foothills," and my statement line under that is "Life...And what I make of it." The statement beginning with Life is so hard to read. I have tried different background color but it is very hard to see anything unless I do just white. Would this be something I have to pay for? I had no issue with Misty until I was informed that it would be changing...

    Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

    I'm using the same theme. There is no free way to chnage font color in the Tagline. Provided you are prepared to purchase an annually renewable custom design upgrade and do the CSS editing required you can chnage it.

  3. I did not have an issue with the font color on the old Misty theme. Too bad. I have had a hard time finding something like what I used to have. I used to be able to have a photo in my background, and with this new version, I can no longer do that. Again, too bad... :( Thank you for your response.

  4. thistimethisspace

    I have custom image backgrounds. I just selected ones that the font displayed well on.

  5. I previously used my own photographs as the background. Cannot do that now. Very sad...Are you timethief?

  6. thistimethisspace

    I'm sorry your are sad. Yes, I'm timethief logged in under my username account for my personal blog, rather than my other one for my blogging tips blog.

  7. Thank you for all your help over the almost two years I have been blogging.

    Another question: I will have my own website shortly, and wanted to find out how I can use WP as my blog point in my site. Can you please direct me to where I need to look for this info? We are hoping to go live in about a month. Still developing the site.


  8. You didn't have an issue with the font color on MistyLook because the title and the tagline were inside the (white) content area while on Misty Lake they are outside it. If you prefer MistyLook, why did you switch to Misty Lake?

  9. I received a notice that the template would no longer be available.

  10. "the template would no longer be available"
    That's inaccurate. MistyLook has become "retired". This means no longer available in newly created blogs, but still available in blogs created before the introduction of Misty Lake. You can go to Appearance > Themes and activate MistyLook again.

  11. Thank you so much! I was not told that I could continue using it. I was led to believe that I

    to change my appearance. It might be helpful if this is stated on a theme becoming retired but still available for use by those who are using the theme at the time of retirement. I love that my page is back to what it used to look like! Thank you very much for clearing this up for me!

  12. You're welcome!
    So far they haven't completely removed any of the "retired" themes. They might eventually do that, but for MistyLook I don't think it will be any time soon, as it had always been one of the most popular themes (we no longer have stats for it, but a year ago it was used in more than 500.000 blogs).

  13. My image widgets disappeared. I had a number of image widgets on the MistyLake. Why did they not continue with Misty Look? A bit of a pain when one has over 600 articles to find the one that has the image in it...did I do something wrong?

  14. ?? I'm seeing 12 image widgets in your sidebar.

  15. I had award image widgets on the Misty Lake theme. There were 5 others....

  16. Go to Appearance > Widgets and check the "Inactive" section.

  17. It does not embed correctly...will have to redo all of what I had. Thanks for asking me to check this area. It only had two and there were more than that...

  18. I checked a cached version of your blog, and there was only one image that's missing now - this one:

  19. Now I am having trouble embedding it into the post! :( I will figure it out! I just want to thank you and TimeThief for the time you both spent with me!

  20. You're having trouble because you're using the wrong URL: that's not the image URL, it's the URL of an attachment page. The URL you must use is the one I pasted above.

  21. I am using the one in my blog (where I show the award) in the first URL and the second one is to the Let's Be Wild site where they honor on the trying again! Pasted the one pasted above and it still does not work. Check the page.

  22. Hey I need to go to bed...past my bed time...Would you mind looking at this and letting me know. I will come back in the a.m. The cat is looking at me...the dog is looking at husband is looking at me...and they are all tapping a foot! :) Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it! Have a good night!

  23. I'm talking about the "Image URL" field, not the "Link URL" field (which is ok). In the "Image URL" field you paste the URL of the image. Image URLs end with the filetype suffix (.jpg or .jpeg or .png).

    When I posted my previous reply, you were using this URL:
    That's not the URL of the image, it's the URL of an attachment page that has the image on it.
    Now you're using this URL:
    That's not the image URL either: it's the URL of the post in which you first published the image.
    The image URL is this:
    Click these three URLs to see the differences.

  24. To get the URL of an image you have already uploaded and inserted, you go to Media > Library, find the image, click Edit and copy the File URL (top right). Or you edit the post into which the image has been inserted, switch the editor to Text (=code) and copy the URL you can see in the image code.

  25. Thank you Justpi! I got it working! I appreciate your patience! Have a great day! - B

  26. Timethief,

    Sorry to be off topic, not sure how else to contact you. OK, I see mention of a new look: Was your previous avatar of a woman with very short brown hair? (the one still visible on the 'Scoop it!' website)....clarifying that I'm 'following' the same wp expert!

    Thank you.

  27. My gravatar has always been the cat. No woman with short brown hair!

  28. @lizkel2010
    Yes my original avatar was 5 years old - auburn pixie cut. Yes I have grown my now graying hair out and will be continuing to let it grow long. Yes, I am using a new avatar now for both my timethief account and my thistimethisspace account. These are the links to both of my pages as I don't know which one you are referring to.

  29. secondhandsurfer

    what is a lobster award?

  30. secondhandsurfer

    Sorry my computer keeps, thinking it's correcting my spelling-funny-LIEBSTER. What is this award for?

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