Misty Lake vs Misty Look

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    In general a big improvement with better fonts that are clearer.

    Just one thing. The older theme had a page template called ‘links’, and all links would be displayed on a page created with that template.

    Now they have to be added by hand to get them all on a page. I’ve added some of them in to the Links page on that website but it is a tedious thing to have to do…

    Really rather than alter the theme, a [links] shortcode would be better IMHO, with an optional list of categories e.g.

    [links category1, category2]

    No categories = display all links

    This would make it easy to have a page listing them all in ANY template, not just those with a ‘links’ page template.

    The blog I need help with is amuncats.wordpress.com.



    Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll pass this along to our developers for their consideration. :)

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